Friday, December 7, 2012

A Friday treat courtesy of Katrina Roberts...

I've been really lucky to make friends with one of the ward missionaries from Whit's area on Facebook and she sent me this gem today! It's Whit's profile from their ward news letter. Enjoy!

Meet Our New Missionary Sister Mecham

Sister Mecham is from Pleasant Grove, Utah.  She has only been on her mission for 2 months, including her time in the MTC.  We in 
the Harmony Ward have the unique opportunity to set the bar high as her FAVORITE area.  Sister Mecham is supported and missed dearly by her family members that all live in Utah.  All except for her father's brother who lives in Spokane, WA and apparently looks exactly like her own father.  

Before coming on a mission, Sister Mecham's favorite thing to do was spend time with her family. They are her best friends. She also loves working with children and used to work with children that have disabilities. If you haven't guessed already from her amazing fashion sense, Sister Mecham loves to shop. She also can play the guitar a "little" she puts it. When she grows up she wants to be a Speech Therapist. Her favorite scripture is Omni 1:26 "And now, my beloved brethren, I would that ye should a come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption. Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved."

Sister Mecham's favorite part of being a missionary is being given the opportunity to testify of her love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are lucky in the Harmony Ward to be able to welcome Sister Mecham into the mission field. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to her and Sister Brox. We have been blessed with outstanding Sister Missionaries. 

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  1. It's So true... Our dads could be twins!! Tyson and I need to go visit you guys in Utah and maybe if we're lucky we can "bump" into Whit on her mission :) It's only a few hours away! Thanks for keeping us updated on Whit!! Love it all :)