Monday, December 3, 2012

A Letter from Vancouver: Monday, December 03, 2012

Subject: Oh Joyous December!!

Hello Family!
Okay so this week has been great! We have had so many opportunities to share the Gospel with people! I love this time of year for the reason that it softens peoples hearts. The Lord is hastening his work and you can tell. So we have these awesome ladies that we are teaching. They are mother and daughter and goly gee they are so awesome! I just love them! We saw them the first full day I was here in Vancouver but we couldn't get an appointment set up with them for the longest time. So many different things kept coming up but we went and saw them on Thursday and that was so awesome! I'll call them S&S :) Momma S had some great questions on baptism and daughter S had some great questions about the temple and about why we don't share some of the things that happen in the temple. They are both moving along great and even decided to not participate in their bible study class because some of the member in that class were not accepting their choice in learning more about "the mormons". We went with them to the Festival of Nativities which is an awesome festival the Stake puts on for a whole weekend. Their are some many different nativities from all around the world and they put them on display for everyone to see. They have beautiful musical numbers and everything. Sister Brox and I loved it and so did S&S. Their was a gentlemen there that was truly inspired to come and talk to them while we were looking at all the nativities. He was able to bare simple testimony of finding out for yourself if the church is true. I love when the Lord prompts other to help the missionaries! 
Lucas is doing great! He is getting excited for his baptism this Saturday and we couldn't more excited for him. We had an awesome lesson this last Friday on the commandments. He was so good! He kinda just looked at us like...okay cool.. No problem. hahah He is living the commandments and is ready! The rest of the family is doing great as well. Michael still has awesome questions about the priesthood and about the apostacy. Good thing I've got Sister Brox cause I would be sitting there with my mouth wide open. Haha his questions are some that I have never really had to explain or think about so it's good for me to be there. I'm learning right along with him :)
Well dear family. I love you all and I am so very grateful for all that you do for me while I'm here and before I came out. You have all been amazing influences in my life and I'm so grateful for it. Merry Christmas to all of you! The church is true. Our Savior lives! Let your light so shine! 
Love, Sister Mecham  

We got a letter from the mission office today asking that any and all packages being sent to missionaries in the Kennewick mission be sent to them by December 15th if they are to be received by Christmas. Also, they asked that you send them priority mail through the postal service as it makes it easier to get them sent on to the missionaries. This is especially important because transfers will happen December 11th and we don't know where Whit will be. 

Love you all!

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