Monday, November 26, 2012

A Letter from Vancouver: Monday, November 26, 2012

Subject: Through small and simple means...

Hello Mi Familia! 

Oh goodness what to say! This week has been a great week. Lots of things have happened over here in the great state of Washington! I growing and learning right along with our investigators and it is a great thing. The Lord really does prepare a way for his children to do the things that he has commanded of them. I have felt that this week in the lessons that we have taught and in my own personal missionary life.
This week we had a lot of people cancel on us and that is to be expected because of the Holiday but at the same time it was hard. But! Like I said the Lord prepares a way for his children to do his work. So even though we didn't get as many lessons taught as we would have liked, we saw a lot of people this week that needed to hear the message of Jesus Christ and all that he has given us. As we set up appointments we decided to share with people the Mormon Message Thanksgiving daily. It was so powerful! As Elder Oaks shares his testimony in that short clip, it helps you understand that true meaning of giving thanks to our Savior even in the hard times. That has been a testimony to me this week as we have met with different people and heard what is happening in their lives. How they can over come them and face them with strength and faith in our Savior for all the many blessings he has given us.
This week we also watch Legacy with Michael ( Erika's husband) and Erika. It was awesome! We were able to talk a lot about the priesthood and how women in the church still hold a special place even though we are not priesthood holders. It was amazing and so wonderful to talk with Michael about the priesthood and how it has shaped my life and how grateful I am for the worthy priesthood holders that I know. His understand was that women in the church were just meant to be stay at home moms and live as though she was less than her husband. Sister Brox and I quickly corrected him. haha Michael I know has the desire to know more. He is someone whether he wants to admit it or not that is search for something more than what he already has. LOVE IT!
Another awesome thing that happend this week was that Lucas ( Erika and Michael's) son said he wants to be baptized and we set a date for Dec. 8th! Lucas is awesome! It's just getting him to say more than 3 words at a time. hahah But we are so excited for him and the opportunity it is for him to set an awesome example for Sabrina and Michael. Pray for Lucas that he will continue with his plan and make and keep this sacred convenant.
Well I love you all!! I'm so very grateful for you and everything you do for me while I'm here! Love you much!! The church is true!!
Love Sister Mecham

Just a reminder!! 

Sister Mecham's address is:

Washington Kennewick Mission
8202 West Quinault Ave
Suite D
Kennewick, WA

I'm sure that she would LOVE to hear from all of you doing the holiday season. What better time to write a missionary?

Sister Mecham's sister

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