Monday, November 5, 2012

A Letter from Vancouver: Monday, November 05, 2012

Subject: Oh hey there, Vancouver!


Alright so here I am. I'm in Vancouver and it was my wish to be sent here! I was so happy to know that this was my first area. It rains almost all day and is cloudy all the time. Never thought that I would say that I missed the Utah sunshine but sometimes I do. I looked out the window the other morning and I could have cried when I saw just a little bit of a blue sky! But really truly and honestly it is not bad at all. I love it here :)
Well my compainon is Sister Brox and she is from Oklahoma. She is the youngest of 4 kids. Her favorite color is purple and she is a power house! She has been such an awesome trainer in helping me get to know the area and the Investigators and helping me feel confident in my teaching. She is the best!
We have so many people that we are seeing right now! We cover two wards and we have got some awesome people that help us carry out the work of the Lord. We have a couple of investigators that are getting close to baptism. Darn that agency! Satan works so hard on them! We have Sabrina and Lucas. Sabrina and Lucas are brother and sister. ( Sabrina: 14 and Lucas: 17) Their mom Erika was baptized about a year ago and is such an awesome influence and such a power house when it comes to the Gospel. With Sabrina and Lucas, we just have to push through somethings but man are they ready to take upon them the name of our Savior.
The Skaugstads are a darling family. Brother Skaugstad was searching for a religion and happened about the Church and just showed up to church one Sunday. They are so solid in the Gospel! They have a daughter named Hannah who is 10 and so we are also working with her to get her baptized. They have an amazing testimony of Tithing and everything. We just got get them to enter the waters of baptism! They will. I just know it :)
We were tracting last Thursday and tracted into a wonderful lady named Laura. She was raised catholic and doesn't really attend the catholic church anymore. She has got two absolutley beautiful children and they are just so darling! Her daughter Gillian was the one that set up the appointment for us to come back! hahah So cute. When we came back yesterday for our appointment, we heard Tray ( her son) running to the door screaming "They're here! They're here!" So darling. I could just eat him up. The lesson went so great! The BIG news..... I invited her to be baptized!!!! WHAT?! I know! I did!! I wasn't too sure about it but then Sister Brox kicked me under the table and told me to do it. haha So I did. Laura wasn't too sure about it but we got to the roote as to what is holding her back and with the help of the Lord, I think we can push through it.
Well dear family, I love this Gospel. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ and the opportunity I have to be helping his children enter into a convenant with him. This Gospel is true. I know it. With all my heart. Love you all!!
Sister Mecham

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