Monday, February 11, 2013

A Letter from Vancouver: Monday, February 11, 2013

Subject: Well hey there!

So this week has been a great week! Something that I learned... We as a Zone have a goal to get 500 lessons by the end of the month. 500 lessons with members present or other lessons with investigators. Something that we can get caught up in here is less active or recent convert lessons and those could easily fill our day fast. Something that they really are focusing on is us making sure we are seeing our investigators and filling them as much as we can. These people are the elect. We need to be focusing on that. I was little worried and wanted to make sure that we could do our part of this. Each companionship needs to get 5 other lessons during the week. Now that doesn't seem like much and for some areas that's a piece of cake but for us.. it has been challenging. So with last Sunday being fast Sunday  one of the things that I fasted for was to be able to meet our goal of 5 other lessons... My dear friends and family, I want to bear testimony that the Lord hears our prayers!! He hears them and is aware of the strength we need to be able to get through anything. By Friday we already had 4 other lessons and would later meet our goal on Sunday. I am so grateful for the Lord. Although this may seem small, the Lord knows what is important to us and is willing to bless us as we strive to do our VERY best. He knows and loves us.
Not only did we get 5 other lessons and accomplish our goal but we were able to get some member referrals and gain some more trust in one of our wards. From missionaries that had served here long ago members had lost some trust and didn't know think that they could trust us with their friends.. That is somethings that is a big deal to me. Having other people trust me and want to give us referrals. The Lord has blessed us this week as we have tried to think of new ways to help the members and new ways to involve them in missionary work.
Michael is doing great! This week he told us that all of this sounds appealing and that he has the desire to pray... UHHH! I think I might have started to cry. We shared with him Alma 32:27.. "Experiment on my words and your will receive a desire... " He really seemed to respond to that! It is so cool to see people change and myself change in that way. Gosh I love this Gospel!!! Well my dear family and friends. I love you. I know that this church is true. I know that as we stick to what our Heavenly Father has taught us and work hard, He will bless us more that we can even comprehend.  
Love, Sister Mecham

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