Monday, February 25, 2013

A Letter from Vancouver: Monday, February 25, 2013

Subject: Transfers??

Hello my dear family!!! Well this last Saturday was transfer calls...... and well... I'm leaving good old Vancouver and heading over to Richland in the Tri-Cities. I will be finishing training a sister over there. Her trainer right now has finished her mission and is heading home. I'm terrified and excited all at the same time!! I know the Lord calls us where he needs us. I'm going to miss this place like crazy. I have loved the people and the weather and BEAUTIFUL scenery! But I hear Richland is just as great. In different ways but just as great!
So we got a lot of really cool news this week! I'm sure you all have heard that Vancouver is going to be it's own mission!! Gosh when I found that out.. I might have cried. haha I cried because I was excited and because the Lord his TRULY hastening his work. The work in Vancouver is great but it's not totally booming. That means that the Lord knows there are people in this area that are waiting and waiting to just receive the truth. What this means for us missionaries in the mission is that our mission will be cut in half. They don't have any specific boundaries for us yet but the new mission won't be in effect until the end of June/ beginning of July. It is so cool!!!! I can't wait. So just because I am going over to Richland doesn't mean that I now am in the Kennewick Mission. I could be transferred back over here or I could stay there. The possibilities are endless!! So exciting!!
As for the work this week, we had another slow week. People canceling on us and not being available to meet. We did have something really neat happen on Saturday though. We had just met with our ward mission leader and remember that there were some people that we had forgotten to plan to go see. We had an appointment right after our meeting with a recent convert. I thought about calling and changing times or whatever we needed to do so that we could go and see these families. We thought about it and decided that we should keep our appointment with Judy and just leave a little bit earlier so we could do both. Well we got to Judy's house and she didn't answer. We took that as a sign that the Lord really did want us out visiting these families. We went to the first family. The Ostermillers. Turns out they are never home on the weekends and were just about ready to leave. We were able to share a message with them and get to know them better. Uhh hello! Haha if that is not the Lords hand than I don't know what is. haha The next family was pretty similar  They weren't as interested as the Ostermillers but the husband who is not a member is not home very often and only has 2 days a week off from driving truck..Friday's and Saturday's. The Lord is mindful of his children. I don't know what that did for either of those families but I know that spirit was there and I know that either way, It was a reminder to them that God loves them. Gosh how I love this work!! It is incredible!! I know the church is true. I know our Father lives. Love you all!! Have a great week!!!

Sister Mecham :)

I know that Sister Mecham would LOVE to hear from all of you!!

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