Monday, March 4, 2013

A Letter from West Richland: Monday, March 04, 2013

Oh my dear family!! Can I just tell you that I love this place?!!? I LOVED Vancouver and it treated me really well. I cried when I left. I loved the people so much and I loved the beautiful weather. But this place... Oh gosh. hahha the work is happening!! My companions name is Sister Duncan. I love her to pieces! She is from Alaska. You can hardly tell she has been out for only 6 weeks. She is the bomb!! She has helped me in coming into this area and trying really hard to get to know it as soon as possible so that I can contribute to planning and ect. Good things are happening :)
Subject: Greetings from West Richland!

When I got here on Wednesday, the first thing I heard was that we had a baptism set for Saturday. I might have cried. haha We have been going crazy since the minute I got here. There are so many people and so many things to do. I feel like I can hardly catch my breath! But the baptism went great! The investigator that got baptized name is Rees Harrison. Gosh he is great! Elder Risenmay from the seventy, his older brother, Brother Rees Risenmay gave Rees a Book of Mormon 10 years ago and here we are.. 10  years later Rees gets baptized. Brother Risenmay ended up being able to come to the baptism and it was so powerful!!
We had some great experiences yesterday while we were tracting. One of the stories from yesterday was about a man named David. We knocked on Davids door and we didn't even get to get out who were before he started to shut the door in our faces. He told us he wasn't interested and we said goodbye and left. We kept tracting and ran into a darling girl named Rebecca. We asked her what her relationship was like with her Savior and she sat there for a minute and it got really quite. The spirit was so strong! Sis. Duncan and I each bore testimony of our Savior and the Book of Mormon. She was staying at a friends house and doesn't live in our area. But the good news is, is that she lives in Pasco... We got some great missionaries that serve there so we just pray that the missionaries knock on her door. We left her with a card and a Book of Mormon and went on our merry way. We kept tracting and as we were about to turn up this driveway we see David walking toward us. I started to get a little hestitant wondering what he was doing. After all, it was like 7:45 at night. He came up to us and told us he was sorry for slamming the door in our faces. He said that he had Jehovah Witnesses come to his door and he said it just gave him a bad taste. He then told us he would love to learn more about the church. Say what?!?!?! hahah I got the biggest smile on my face and I'm sure I looked like a freak. I was stumbling over my words and could hardly get out what I wanted to tell him. Luckly that is why the Lord says that he will send us two by two, preaching his word. Sis. Duncan came in and we taught him about the Book of Mormon. It was so awesome! We gave him a BofM and a card with our number on it to call us. We plan to go back and see if we can teach him more later this week.
I love this gospel!!! Doing the word of the Lord is amazing!! He truly is preparing hearts!! I'm so grateful for the gospel and the peace and joy that it brings to my life. Alma 25:26 :)
Love you all!!
Sister Mecham

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