Monday, May 6, 2013

A Letter from West Richland: Monday, May 06, 2013

Subject: Hello!

Hi my wonderful family!
I hope all is going well! So this week has been a wonderful week. On Monday we had a lesson set up with Denise and she totally forgot about it... BUT! Something that I am constantly reminded of is that the Lord knows all things. So we are at the church and we are waiting for Denise to come to the lesson. We wait and wait and wait. She doesn't come. We prayed and decided to go and see if she was home but turns out she was really busy and couldn't meet. We were sure that that is where we were suppose to be but turns out the Lord had other plans for us.We had gotten a call from our Elders and so we called them back. They told us about this Sister in their ward who had met this sweet women named Cindy at the doctors office that morning and they had gotten on the subject of religion. This women told this Sister that she was on happy with her church and they weren't being spiritually fed when they went. She said she would be interested to know more about the LDS church. So of course this sweet sister got her first name the street she lived on just before she was called back to see the doctor. Called our Elders and told them to tell us to go and see her. So we did!! In this part of our area there were two streets named the same thing. One is east court and the other is west court. We didn't have her house number so we ended up going to every door on one side and tracting that court, asking everyone if they knew Cindy. But no one knew her. It was getting late and almost time for us to turn in fo the night but we were determined to find Cindy. We ran over to the next court and starting knocking on the doors. Finally at the second house we asked and they told us exactly where she lived! We ran over there and met Cindy. It was EXACTLY where we were suppose to be. She said she couldn't believe how fast this sister had sent us to meet her to give her a Book of Mormon. She is just the most darling lady in the world! I already love her! So here is the even cooler part of this story to me..... So jump back about a month and a half ago. Sis. Duncan and I received a referral in this very same court and turns out they weren't really that interested. So we decided to tract that court thinking not very much of it. Met this sweet women named Cindy who said she was Lutheran and she was happy with where she was at. Flash forward to Monday when we met Cindy. I didn't realize where we were at until Sis. Meyers and I started to walk up to her house and I stopped. Looked around and just about jumped for joy! It isn't a huge deal but I just thought it was the coolest thing that I had only met her a month ago and she said she was perfectly happy with where she was and now here we are giving her a Book of Mormon and talking about a good time for us to come back. The Lord prepares hearts in his own due time. We can't complain with how the Lord wants HIS work to go.
We had Miranda's baptismal interview on Saturday. She was so excited and seemed to ready. We told her that if she didn't come to church on Sunday that she couldn't be baptized. It was Stake Conference and so we set up with our Ward mission leaders wife to come and pick up Miranda for church so that she didn't have to walk in by herself. We told her that we would safe her a seat and we would be right there with her. Well... she calls Sunday morning and tells Sis. Woodward that she won't be going to church and that she is just is feeling really crummy. The Woodwards texted us and told us about had happened. We did what we have been taught to do and that is to go over there and tell her to get her butt to church! In the nicest way possible of course :) Well she wasn't going to come no matter what. It was so sad to leave her house that morning knowing that she would not be baptized. She is so fantastic and she is prepared but she just seems to not want to put in the effort to get to church and keep that commitment  We were sad and disappointed but then we had to think, all things happen for a reason. This could deepen her conversion and want to be baptized even more because she will have to wait or it help us to know she is not the elect YET. I'm so grateful for the spirit in helping us to discern what an investigator needs and where they are at. Obviously, there is something that is holding her back. We just have to figure it out. 
Well my wonderful family, I love you all! I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!! I will have Sis. Nelson email you with more of the specifics. We are trying to set up put Skype times and everything with the family that we will be with. But it will around 7 pm your time.I know that's late but we don't get out of church until 4 and then we have dinner at 5. Sis. Meyers will be skyping her family at 4 before dinner  so that means I'm after. I love you all!!! 
Love Sis. Mecham :) 

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