Monday, April 29, 2013

A Letter from West Richland: Monday, April 29, 2013

Subject: There is sunshine in my soul today!!

My dear wonderful family! My goodness this week been a blessed week! So many things happened that just made my heart sing will joy! We were able to find a new investigator and teach her! So here was the beautiful sunshine, hallmark moment to our week.
Sis. Duncan and I tracted into a lady about a month ago named Denise. I don't know if I already told you about her but if so oh well. :) Sis. Duncan and I the night before we met Denise were getting ready to tracted this street. We stopped the car. Read some scripture to help us refocus our minds, said a prayer and got out of the car. We started walking and knocking on some doors. It was dark out and I just kept feeling like we needed to get back into the car and go tract somewhere else. For whatever reason that night, we were not safe or we just weren't suppose to be there. Sis. Duncan and I looked at each other and without even really talking we both knew that we needed to get back into the car and go tract somewhere else. So we all but ran to car and left. We decided that we would go back the next day and tract that street when it was light out. We went back at around 6:00pm. We were walking up to this house when a women came out of her house carrying a laundry basket full of things. We introduced ourselves and started talking to her. She told us that she was looking for a religion and that she was going through some really hard times with her husband and that she needed something to give her hope. We gave her a card with our number on it and told her we would come back the next day to meet with her. Well everytime we went back, she either was home or she couldn't meet with us then. We keep trying and going back and going back. Finally, Sis. Meyers and I go over there one Sunday night at about 8:30 and she answers the door. We set up an appointment to come back and teach her. We were so excited! We go back that Tuesday to teach her and she isn't home and leaves a note on the door telling us she is so sorry that we will have to reschedule. So we keep going back. We were starting to get a little frustrated and think we put her down as someone for missionaries to contacted later. Wednesday, we were driving and chatting and found ourselves over by her house. Sis. Meyers and I both knew that we needed to go and see her. I was terrified. The last thing that I wanted to do was to turn someone away from the church because we were too pushy but when the spirit says go... You better go. So.. We go. haha The whole way up to her house I am just praying and hoping that she lets us come in. We say Hi and chat with her for a minute and then she asks us if we want to come in.. Sis. Meyers and I both could not say yes fast enough! So we get into talk to her and she tells us all about her problems that she is having with her husband and with her kids and how she needs something in her life. She turns to me and says "Sister, when you met me on the street that day, I was going to give up. And then I met you guys." The spirit was so strong! I told her about when Sis. Duncan and I were going to tract her street the night before and how we knew that we needed to meet her and so did the Lord. She told us how everytime we come to see her she is having just the worst day and then we show up on her doorstep. We have a return appointment to teach her about the Restorationa and prayer tonight :)
I don't even have words to express how I felt. My heart ached and rejoiced all at the same time. I know with all my heart that the Lord guided us to Denise and that she has been prepared to receive the message that we share. I love this gospel. I love my Savior and know that he is real. That he lives.
A calling to be missionary is not just that but it is calling to be a representative of the Lord. To do what he wants done and to say what he wants said. I love this work!! I love you all!! The church is true!!
Love Sis. Mecham

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