Monday, April 1, 2013

A Letter from West Richland: Monday, March 25, 2013

Subject: The Church is True!!!

Hello my wonderful family!! This week has been a great week!! There are days when I am out here that I look at the clock in the morning and think "for real?! 6:30 already?!" and then we get going and it is like all my days blend into one and before I know it, it's time for bed. haha it is a beautiful thing! On Wednesday we were able to go to the Temple. How it was absolutely beautiful! I was in heaven! After we went to the temple we had our District Meeting which always gets me excited for the rest of the week. Sister Duncan and I had a wonderful day planned and we just hoped and prayed that it all worked out.
So after District Meeting and lunch we went to our appointment that we had set up with a potential investigator. The Sisters before us had gone over and done a lot of service for her. She had moved from Idaho where she had previously listened to the missionary lessons, to West Richland awhile ago and one of her friends from a ward near by told her she should pick that back up again and start talking to the Sisters in her area. Well here we are! hah We walk up to the door and I'm just praying that we are able to get in and teach her and be able to know what she needs to hear. The beautiful thing about the Gospel is that it all centers on our Savior Jesus Christ. We get it and sit down and start to get to know her alittle bit better and start to answer some of her questions. We start to teach her about the Restoration and she brings up something about her not being able to let go of something that her ex-husband had done to her. It was one of those lessons where I knew that it wasn't me talking. It was totally the Holy Ghost. We pull about the Atonement and start helping her to understand that the Atonement covers EVERYTHING! We finished teaching her about the Atonement and tied it all back to the Restoration. At the end of it all, she looks at us and says, "I've never had it explained to me that way before." This is when I knew that she had gotten all that she needed to out of that lesson. We set up a return appointment to go back this week and watch the Joseph Smith movie with her. It is going to be wonderful!!
We met with Anne this week and answered some more of her questions about the Book of Mormon and the Bible working together. We were also able to get in and meet with an investigator that I had only met once before. Her name is Angela and she is a teenage girl. She has been taught all of the lessons but for her, like most of us, repetition is key. We were able to share the Joseph Smith movie with her and talk about. The minute we hit play on that movie, the spirit was SO incredibily strong. We helped her to see things a little clearer and helped her to understand why we needed a restoration and not a reformation.
Well my dear family. I love you all so very much. I miss you and at the same time, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I LOVE being a missionary!
The church is true!
Love, Sister Mecham

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