Monday, May 13, 2013

A Letter from West Richland: Monday, May 13, 2013

Subject: My wonderful family!!

My wonderful family!! It was so good to talk to you all yesterday and see all of your bright and happy faces. It means the world to me to have such a FANTASTIC support base. You all truly are amazing and I am so proud to call you my family.
So as I explained yesterday on skype, Denise was not able to meet with us. We know she needs the gospel and that she has been prepared to receive our message. It's just getting that chance to actually do it! haha But I know that as long as we trust in the Lord and look to him, he will show us the way and help Denise on her journey to find more happiness. She is just one of my favorite people in this world and we just want her accept it all!  :) In the Lords time :)
We went and saw Miranda yesterday after I talked to you all and she is doing so great! Like I said she is back on date to be baptized on the 24th of May. We are so DANG EXCITED for her! That cutie made us treats! She is so sweet to us!! We took her a picture of Christ and chatted about church. She said she loved it! In Gospel Principles they talked about the Priesthood which is exactly what we talked about with her when we taught her Friday night. She said it was really good and loved that just because the dad holds the Priesthood doesn't mean that the sons automatically hold the Priesthood. They have to be worthy and want it themselves. She just has been so willing and accepting of the gospel. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask myself if this is real life. She is just the very best! 
We have been trying to work with a less-active family in the ward. The Roberts :) I don't know if I told you about them last week but they are just so great! They also came to church today! That is only the second time since I have been here that they have come to church. I may or may not have wanted to scream when I saw Sister Roberts at church in the hall. They are some of my very favorite people in the world! They truly are trying so very hard to make changes in their lives. Wonderful people! 
So here is something I learned in my studies this morning. I've been thinking about the last days a lot and things that we will be jugded on and what our character has to be like in order to withstand the temptations that Satan will throw at us. I think often times we just want to over look what is coming our way and the sin that is invading the world around us. While I was thinking about this I remember the scripture in 2 Nephi where it says: " Therefore, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion.." When I read that for the first time I didn't quite get what Nephi was saying to us. But as I think about it, we can't say that all is well in Zion.. Things are happening and they are going to get worse and it is our job to get with the program. We are either with it or against it. We have to decided.. no one else can do it for us. As I kept studying and reading today, my love for my Savior grew. I know that as we prepare ourselves and make sure that we are doing all we can to continue to keep the commandments that we will be blessed and we will not be caught in the ways of the world. I LOVE this gospel!! It provides me with so much peace!!!
I love you all!
Love Sis. Mecham

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