Monday, June 24, 2013

A Letter from West Richland: Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello my dearest family! It is so great to hear from all of you this week! Every time I read your emails I just get more and more proud to be apart of this great family :)
So this week has been one heck of a week. We have had lots of good things happen and so many of them have taught me some really great things. We had a Zone Conference this week and holy cow!! I learned so much!! Truly the leaders of this church are so inspired! Pres. and Sis. Greer had a Mission presidents seminar and Elder Holland was a surpise guest!! They came back and told us all about their experience of being able to sit at the feet of an Apostle of the Lord and drink in all that he had to say. That man is truly a man of God. He talked to them all about how it's all about HIM. It's all about Christ. We talked all about what the Doctrine of Christ means. It means unity, love, charity, change, revelation, hope, applying that Atonemen, ect. The list could go on and on. I loved that the underlying theme of it all is that Christ needs to be the center to our hearts and homes. It NEEDS to be all about Him because He is THE way! And there is no other way we can obtain salvation. We talked a lot about repentance and how we still need to be applying repentance in our lives here on the mission. Pres. Greer shared with us a qoute said by Elder D. Todd Chirstofferson: "The Atonement also satisfies the debt justice owes to us by healing& compensating us for any suffering we innocently endure." I never would have thought about justice oweing us! When we do what is right we rightfully get the blessings from the Lord. Kinda cool  :)  So needless to say, Zone Conference was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL experience!!! 
We have had some really great experience this week with some of our investigators and some of our potential investigators. The promptings of the spirit are so amazing! On Friday night Sister Meyers and I were trying to make sure that we were doing what the Lord really wanted us to do. We had been thinking about Cindy all day long. Mainly because she said she would call us and then she never did. So Friday night roles around and we decide that we are going to just go over there. We wanted to try a potential investigator named Jane but also wanted to try Cindy. After we prayed about where the Lord wanted us to be we sat there and thought about it. We both got the answe to try Jane and if Jane couldn't meet then we will go and see Cindy. So we go and see Jane and she tells us that she doesn't feel good. She tells us that we should come back on Sunday. So then we go and see Cindy. We were both slighty nervous and excited and we didn't even know why. As we drove us Cindy and Jay her husband were outside. Turns out they had just gotten home and were getting ready to back inside. They invite us in. We sit down and start talking. We talked for about 2 hours. We got to know them, talked about their kids and where they grew up and all of these different things. We talked about the gospel and how important our Savior is and how he answers prayers. Before I knew it, it was 9:00 and we needed to be leaving. We left them with a prayer and I couldn't help but feel that it was planned by our loving Heavenly Father. No we didn't get a new investigator out of it but something that I have to remind myself of is that being on the mission is all about spreading the word. If we are spreading that word and working hard to bring people closer to Chirst and inviting them to change then we are doing our job. Our success isn't always manifested in our numbers but by true conversion. Alma and Ammon and all these great missionaries we read about in the Book of Mormon weren't worried as to how many baptisms they got but they worried about making sure they did the Lords work and they did it because they loved the Lord and wanted other people to have better relationship with him. I truly love being apart of this work. It is amazing.
Miranda didn't come to church yesterday which makes it hard to know if she is truly committed to be baptized and become a member of this church. Just pray for her that she will decide what she wants and have the faith to make it happen. I love you all!!
Love Sis. Mecham

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