Monday, June 24, 2013

A (Last) Letter from West Richland: Monday, June 17, 2013

My goodness! So first things first. We got transfer calls this week on Saturday and I am leaving West Richland :( But! All things are good. I am headed up to Naches (pronounced Na-cheese :)) I will also be staying the WKM! Which I am totally thrilled about! I will be doubled in ( white-washing) the area with Sis. Zinc. She has been out for 3 transfers now.  And she was trained in the same wards I was in vancouver. She replaced me when I left that area to come here to West. So I will get to pick her brain about all that is going on over there! Sis. Meyers will be training a new missionary!! She is going to be so awesome! I know it. She is a fantastic missionary and she will only get better from here on out. 
So we had our baptism this weekend with Tim and Nina. It was beautiful!! Everything went well. We had a few hiccups. Just with the water being all of about 50 degrees or less. I felt so bad!! The brother baptizing them got in the water to walk over to Nina and his face was priceless. haha I felt so bad for Tim and Nina having to go all the way under the water. But! They were troopers and looked so happy to be there. They came out of that water and you could not get them to stop smiling!! We had a great turn out as far as ward members go. I was so grateful for the support of the ward. I love being able to see the ward there and feel of the incredible power of the ordinance. Many people leave those baptisms in tears. It is one thing that unifies us all together as we work hard to bring Heavenly Fathers children to him. Something kinda cool about this is that Sis. Chatwin who trained Sis. Brox ( my trainer) was one of the first sisters to teach Tim and Nina. And now, her grandaughter and great grandaughter finish it off. Kinda cool :)  
We had our last specialized training with Pres. and Sister Greer.It was exactly what I needed. I was thinking about how each transfer is a new opportunity for me to grow and change and become more like the missionary that my Heavenly Father wants me to be. The training was all on accepting change. Learning how we can be more dedicated and to not forget that it's all about Him. My testimony of being a missionary keeps growing. There is always room for improvement and that is why we keep working hard. 
We had some great lessons with week! We met with Anne and talked more about the Book of Mormon and prayer. My testimony of the priesthood and the apostacy grow each time I talk to Anne. The gift that we have to have the Book of Mormon and to be praying to a loving heavenly father. She is great and she has come a long way. We just have to keep working. 
Well my dear family, That is all for now. Next time I write to you I will be in Naches! Crazy! I love you all! The church is true. :) 
Love Sis. Mecham   

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