Monday, June 24, 2013

A Letter from West Richland: Monday, June 03, 2013

Hello there!
I was so great to get on hear from you all today! I love logging into my account and seeing letters from my family :) Literally, it brightens my day up and makes it a million times better!
So this week has been kind of a slow week but we have had some really great experiences! I don't know if I told you this last week but we were out of miles and so therefore, we had to walk most of last week untill Saturday the 1st. Needless to say my feet were just one giant blister. My feet just were not used to that. It really made me EXTREMELY grateful for the luxery of having a car. We have been trying like crazy to get some new investigators. I just prayed my guts out last week to just find at least one new investigator. Well I am here to tell you that the Lord answers our prayers. He hears us!!! We finally found a new investigator on Thursday night. His name is Scott. Scott grew up Methodist and he wasn't really active in his church. He has a great foundation in Christ but we could tell that when we met with him that it is something that really needed to be strengthened. We taught him all about the Restoration and the love of our Savior. He seemed to take it all pretty well and he even said that it made sense. Which is one of my favorite things. If there is one things about the Gospel is that it all just makes sense. The way Heavenly Father has set everything up just flows together. We commited him to read 3 Nephi 11 and Moroni 10:3-5. It was one of the most lessons that I have ever been in! The spirit it was there and testifying of what we were saying. So this week we will be going back to teach him all about the Plan of Salvation. He is married and he and his wife have never been able to have children. He expressed how he was a little envious of one his co-workers ( who is a member and in our Stake) of his relationship with his children. When we focus on our life on earth and the things that we go through and how the Atonement just isn't for when we mess up but also for when we needed to be healed from the whirlwind of life and things that hurt us. I'm so excited!!
Another really awesome experience we had this week was yesterday. So back tracking just a little bit, We went and saw Miranda on Saturday night. We hadn't been able to see her all week long. We got over there and she opens the door and I see that she has a nose ring now.. To other people that might not be a big deal but I feel like actions like that reflect how you are feeling on the inside. We thought we had covered with her the importance of our bodies and how they are a gift from God and that we respect them just as he would want us to. They are the tabernacle for our spirts and we have to treat them as the sacred gift that they are. We didn't get to really talk about it. I didn't know what to say. But what is beautiful is that the next day was fast sunday. So Sis. Meyers and I start our fast that night and ask Heavenly Father how he wants us to go about it and help her to come to that knowledge herself. Well testimony meeting starts in yesterday and the first brother to get up stands up there and shares a beautiful testimony about our Heavenly Father and then he says " I don't know why I feel like I need to say this but, We have a beautiful gift from God and we should treat our bodies as such..." He goes on to share a simple testimony about keeping our bodies clean and pure in every way. I know that the Lord used that brother to answer our prayers and to speak to Miranda's heart. I am so grateful for that brother and him following the promptings of the spirt. WONDERFUL!!
Well family, I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!!

Love Sister Mecham

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