Monday, June 24, 2013

A Letter from West Richland: Monday, May 28, 2013

Hello there my wonderful family! So this week has been a fantastic week! We have had some great learning and growing experiences and some BEAUTIFUL things happen this week! Sorry about not emailing yesterday. Because of the holiday we had to wait til today to email. 

I told you last week that Miranda didn't come to church on Sunday and that we weren't sure if she would be getting baptized on the 24th of May. We had some people in mind to go and see last Monday and thought that after we try them we will go and see Miranda and see what she was thinking and if this was something that she wanted. So all of the people we had planned for fell through and if that isn't a sign from the Lord than I don't know what is. We went over there and had just a good heart to heart. Most of the time I am so timid in being bold. I always want to come right out and say it like it is but I get scared that they are going to reject it and get offended. That is the last thing that I want to see happen. Especially when we have someone is so close to baptism. We were sitting there talking to her and she told us all about how she wants us to just tell her what to do. No one has ever said that! From the people that I have taught, no one has come right out and said I want you to be bold and tell me I don't have a choice. That I have to go to church. I was a huge wake up call to me to know that there are tons of people that we will teach that are just waiting for us to be more bold with them. I'm learning still that there is a line between being bold and being overbearing. Just because she didn't come to church this last Sunday didn't mean that she couldn't be baptized anymore. She still met all the requirements for baptism. We told her that she could still be baptized but we told her that it was up to her. She had to decided what she wanted to do. No one else was going to tell her. She had to make the choice. She decided that she wanted to go ahead with being baptized. She told us that she wants this and that she is going to need our help. I was like uhh perfect!!! That is why we are here! We had a great long conversation and walked out of there feeling great! Then of course when something huge like this going to happen, Satan has to come in and mess everything up! We were getting from a lot of people that she wasn't ready. Sis. Meyers and I prayed so hard about it! We prayed like crazy people. Knowing how we felt coming out of that lesson with Miranda and feeling the spirit so strongly and then having such opposition, it really took me through a loop. It was a moment where our faith was being tried. Our authority that we hold was being questioned/tested and I had remind myself that we have been called of God and we are his disciples and we have the mantel of missionary work on our shoulders. Our calling is to invite all to repent and come unto Christ and how we do that is by helping people to receive the restored gospel. We help them receive that by helping them be ready for baptism. We kept working with Miranda and the ward and helped to make sure that she was ready. We got everything squared away for Miranda to be baptized last Friday. Best part: SHE WAS! It was one of the most beautiful moments on my mission so far. My heart was so full!! It was beautiful! She came out the water and we were standing and top of the stairs into the font. She came out and walked up the stairs. We handed her towel to her and she just cried. My heart was so full that I couldn't even speak. 

That was the highlight to my week. I think last week I was also telling you all about the Roberts family who is a less-active family who is becoming active again. We started teaching them the lessons a couple of weeks ago and they have come so far! I love them!! My goodness! I never want to leave them. One of those families that you meet that you know that you were suppose to meet   . Well my dear family, I will try and send you a picture of us at Miranda's baptism and you can see how happy she was :) I love you all!! 

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