Monday, September 9, 2013

A Letter from Naches: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Subject: Miracles!

Hello there my dear family! So this week has been wonderful! We've had some really cool things happen in the area, beautiful weather and so on. What more could you ask for?! We've been able to get into some less-active that we haven't been able to get into and find some people that are ready to hear the gospel.
Last Thursday all of our appoitments fell through and we were in an area where tracting is really hard to do. The house are a mile or more apart from each other and between the houses are... cows... and fields. haha so we decided to go and try this member who hasn't been to church in a really long time. Her name is Sasha and her husband is not a member. She has 3 boys and a little baby girl who is about 2 months old. We stopped in and they had just gotten home. She thought we were Jehovah Witnesses at first and then realized who we were. haha She let us in and we got to chat with her for a little while. She usually works on Sundays and but she isn't right how because of the new baby. She told us that we could come back today actually and see her. We decided that with her we just need to take it really easy and simple and slow. Her parents are in the ward and so she has a lot of support. We love them already!
We had another really cool less-active lesson with a darling sister in the ward, Sis. Harris. She and her husband haven't been active for a long time and everyone in the ward just loves her and she is just the sweetest lady in the world. She is from North Korea. She was telling us about the things in her life that have been really difficult for her. She was telling us how her daughter had a really hard time and got pregnant while she was in high school. Sis. Harris talked to us about how she feels like she was too hard one her daughter and all of these other things. While we were sitting there, the Atonement was the one thing that just stood out to Sis. Pratt and I the very most. We told her about how through our Savior we can recieve forgiveness and also he healed from the things that we innocently endure. It was so powerful. I felt the incredible about of love that the Lord has for her. We promised her blessing after blessing and she said she will be coming to church this coming Sunday.
On Thursday night, our district leader and his companion came and did a blitz in our area. We tracted one street and they tracted another street. After 30 mins, we met back up with the Elders and talked about how it went. Sis. Pratt and I met some really cool people but we didn't find very many people who wanted us to come back and teach them. But the Elders did! They found one lady named Geovana and she said she would love for us to come back and teach her. The Elders told us that they felt like we really needed to tract the other side of the street. It was getting dark and so we decided that we would go back on Saturday. So Saturday comes and we go to the street, say a prayer and go to work. The first house we knock on, a teenage boy, about 16-17 come to the door. His name is Adrian and We start talking to him and he tells us to come and sit down at his patio table. So we sit down and he tells us how crazy it is that we knocked on his door just now. He tells us about how he was watching T.V. and he felt like he needed to go and pray and ask for forgiveness and so he did. He was asking God to help him know what religion was right for him. And then a couple of seconds later, we knocked on his door. It was THE COOLEST THING EVER! We told him about the Book of Mormon and we told him about how we can recieve forgiveness. He said he would come to church the next day and was so excited. He just kept saying " I feel like I'm in a dream!" haha  He ended up not being at church the next day. He ended up having to go to Pasco for something. BUT! There is always next sunday and we aren't giving up on him.
My testimony of being in the right place at the right time, following the spirt, was strengthen yet again this week. We may not have a whole lot of investigators but there are still miracles happening and seeds being planted.
I love you all. Have a wonderful week! My simple testimony is that I know that this church is true and know that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. Again, I love you all!

Love, Sister Mecham

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