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A Letter from Naches: Monday, August 19, 2013

Subject: doesn't get much better than this!

Hello family! So this week has been a wonderful week! We have transfers on Wednesday and I got to welcome in Sis. Pratt to the Naches ward! Sis. Pratt is from Logan Utah and she is... ready for this... number 1 of 11... yup you got that right. 11. She is fantastic! I love her already. She has red hair and just the best personality. We have gotten really good and just laughing really hard and trying to find people to teach. She is really great and getting out and finding and she does so well at making people feel great as she is talking to them.  

Each week we teach gospel essentials class and we do our best. Yesterday was our first time teaching the class together and may I say that the spirit did a fantastic job. About a month ago our class consisted of Sis. Zink, me and Lisa. Now our class has grown and we had about 10 people attend yesterday. The spirit was really strong and we had so many ward members participate and it was fantastic! 

This last week we have done again a lot of less-active work. We went and saw some people on Friday night that I hadn't met before so it was a brand new experience for us both. It was really interesting as we asked them to attend church. I just felt like before we went in to one family, the Zazzaro's, that they needed to know that they needed the ward and the ward needed them in return. We invited them and they told us that they will see if they they can come. But as we were leaving the Mom just walked us out the door and all the way to our car. She said " I don't know why I'm doing this.." She didn't want us to leave. She just kept thanking us for coming over and for sharing our spiritual thought. They didn't come to church but we will be going back there again this week and seeing them. They are just such a loving family and they need the gospel in their lives so bad. 

The next family we saw was the Harris family. They are a couple whose children have grown and have left the house. Their children aren't active and neither are they. We went over and Sis. Harris let us right in the door. We sat down and talked for a little while and then asked if we could share a spiritual thought. We shared with her Omni 1:26 and talked about how the Lord wants us to continue to come to him and partake of his everlasting gifts that he has given us. We talked about how we needed to show our faith in him. We hadn't even invited them to church when Sis. Harris said, " I know I just need to show my faith by coming to church. I just need to do it." It gave us a perfect platform for us to extend the invitation.  

I know that the Lord works through his servants and I know that he works through the spirit. Neither one of these families came to church yesterday but I feel like the Lord has helped us to build upon these things and help them get back on the straight and narrow path. 

I've learned this week that what the Lord needs from us is a willing heart. He needs us to be open and ready for his council and his direction. It isn't always easy for us to change our will to his but it is always so much more worth our time. When we use our agency for good, we will be restored with good things in the life to come. That to me sounds so much more rewarding then anything else. 

I know that this church is true. I know that Jesus is our loving brother, savior and redeemer. I know that it is by him and through him that we obtain salvation. I love you all and hope that we have a fantastic week. 

Love Sister Mecham 

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