Monday, August 12, 2013

A Letter from Naches: Monday, August 12, 2013

Subject: Transfers :)

So we got our transfer calls and DUN DUNNA NA!!!....... I'll be staying here in Naches! And being receiving a new missionary. I will have to tell you all about her in my email next week. Sis. Zink is going down to Kennewick and serving with a sister that just finished her training. Naches is going to be a great place to bring this new Sister into. Full of love and lots of potential.
This week was a wonderful week for us! We were able to meet a lot of Less-Actives that we have been trying and dying to get into. When we visit these people it just breaks my heart. I just want them to get to church and to be there and feel the spirit!! Sis. Summa didn't come to church yesterday. We were on exchanges on Thursday and I was here with one of the Spanish Sisters. Hna. Alhstrom came with me to see Sis. Summa and we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Hna. Alhstrom shared this analogy of an ice cream sundae and what we want to put on our ice cream sundae's and if we had ketchup and mustard out on the table would we want to put those things in our sundae? Of course no we don't but they are good every other day of the week on our hot dogs but just not on our sundae's but if we had caramel and hot fudge.. we want that on our sundae's! Caramel and hot fudge are like going to church and reading our scriptures and ketchup and mustard are like going to the grocery store and going fishing.. good things to do but just not on the Sabbath. I loved it!! I love exchanges for that reason! You learn something new and then you get to apply it to your teaching style. Amazing! I thought that Sis. Summa got the message but apparently, we need to go over a couple more times which is always good :)
We got to have a wonderful lesson with another Less-active and her name is Sis. Hager. Sis. Hager has some really life challenges and family things that if only the people in her house and life would listen to the gospel, things could be so much better. I loved being able to teach her this week! We talked about the Restoration and about the Atonement. We didn't plan to make such an emphasis on the Atonement but as we kept talking to her our lesson just moved to that. Definitely the Lord and not us. Each time I talk about the Atonement I learn something new each time. It is amazing  how the Atonement is tailored to each individual and how the Atonement in a broad way is the same for each person but when you really sink deep down into it, it is different and is used to help each person accomplish the tasks at hand. Our invitation to her is to pray and ask God to help her use the Atonement more fully in her life so she can feel healed and cleansed. It was a BEAUTIFUL lesson!
Well my dear family, those are just a couple of my highlights from this week. I love the Lord. I know that he lives and that he is our Savior and Redeemer. This is the true church and it is led by a man called of God. I love you all! Have a fantastic week!
Love Sis. Mecham :)

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