Monday, August 5, 2013

A Letter from Naches: Monday, July 22, 2013

Subject: Hello from one excited missionary!

Hello there family!! My goodness! This week has been a wonderful week filled with some really great things!
We had our Zone Conference with Pres. and Sister Ware and they are just so wonderfully fantastic! They are so inspired and so many good things have and already are coming out of them coming in to be here with us. We talked a lot about unity and unity with the Savior and in our mission and in our companionships and it was wonderful!! I really enjoyed it all.
We have had a great week in trying to find new investigators. I told you about a man named Ken, that Sister Zink and I saw our very first day here in Naches. His wife had cancer and his friend from Idaho called us and told us that we needed to come and teach him all about the plan of salvation and the priesthood. So we did! We also set up for the afternoon for the Elders to go and give his wife a blessing. Brother Gram, the brother from Idaho, told him that it would be a blessing of healing and that she could be healed from this cancer. So the Elders came and gave her a blessing. That experience was a miracle to Sister Zink and I. We had only been here for less than 24 hours and we already had a potential investigator. Well since that experience we have been trying to hard to get in with Ken to teach him. About 2 weeks ago we gave him a call and he told us that his wife had passed away. He was crying so hard on the phone and hung up. We figured that we needed to let him settle some more before we tried to go in and help. But Brother Gram called us on Thursday night and told us to call him and set up a time to see him the next day so we did. We got there Friday morning around 10:30 and taught him all about he plan of salvation. It was one of the hardest lessons I've ever been in. As much as we tried to help him and explain things to him he just couldn't let it in. It was a testimony to me that the Lord is really in the details of our lives. I know that this have happened in his life to prepare him to receive the gospel. He told us that he felt comfortable and that he felt calm as we were talking to him. We tried to help him understand that that was the spirit but it just wasn't sinking in. Over time though, He will be ready. Maybe just not right now. It was a really neat experience though to sit there and just feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for him. 
Lisa is doing great and his so ready to get baptized this weekend!! I couldn't be more thrilled!! She ready. We have a couple of lessons with her this week that are just going to be wonderful! 
We also tracted into this less active man and his family. His wife is not a member and his children haven't been baptized. He said we could come back and teach his family! We have an appointment this week with them to go back. I'm so excited!
Well my dear family, I love you and wish you all wonderful week!! The Lord lives!
Love Sister Mecham

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