Monday, September 9, 2013

A Letter from Naches: Monday, September 09, 2013

Subject: Hey there family!

Hi there family! This week has been a little slow but great things have happened! 

So first things first, we tried to get Adrian who I told you about last week, to church but.. We think his parents aren't too happy about him wanting to come. We went over on Saturday night to invite him to church and Sis. Pratt saw him run in the back room and then his mom told us that he wasn't there.... We aren't too sure what to do but I feel like we at least need to try him one more time and just know what the questions are see where they stand as far as at least letting him take the lessons. We will just see what the Lord says. 

So we have been working with a lot of the Less-actives in the ward and helping them come back to church. Sis. Summa is doing awesome!! We had a break through with her this week! So she had been canceling on us a lot and not keeping her appointments. She we just stopped by unannounced on Wednesday night. She let us come in and sit down and we chatted for a little bit then shared a spiritual thought. I love how the spirit just come in and opens peoples hearts and they are able to talk to you from their heart. She shared with us why she doesn't come to church. She said she feels like because of what happened in her past she feels like she isn't worthy to be there. She talked about things that happened early on in her life before she was a member. We got to help her understand that she is worthy to be there. Satan wants to hold us from those opportunities to feel whole and new again. That is what the sacrament does for us. It fills in the gaps and wholes in our hearts and heals us with the Atoning sacrifice of our Lord and savior. We talked about how also because it was before her baptism as she repented before she was baptized, she was washed clean of those things. It was powerful to sit in that room with her that night. At the end, we were all just in tears. It was amazing. 

So here come for our adventure for the week, we had set up for Sis. Udell, a sister in the ward, to come and pick up Sis. Summa and take her to stake conference yesterday. Well we called Sis. Summa in the morning and woke her up and she was so excited to come to church and so happy. We thought great! This is going to be perfect. Sis. Pratt and I show up to the stake center about 45 mins before the meeting is suppose to start and we save seats. We are waiting and talking with the Elders and other members there then we see Sis. Udell. We run over to her and she tells us she forgot to pick up Sis. Summa. She says she is just going to call her after church and explain... Sis. Pratt and I just looked at her then looked at each other. That was not going to work. So that is when the Lord took over. We ran up to Lainey Prest ( the daughter of the people we live with) and ask her to take us to get Sis. Summa. This was about 20 mins from when the meeting is suppose to start. Sis. Summa lives like 25 mins away. Haha we rush out to the car and head out. We get there pick up Sis. Summa and head back over to the church. We got there about 35 mins into the meeting and sit down. 

It was the best feeling ever being there with Sis. Summa in church. I knew that if we didn't go and get her that the whole meeting I would be sick knowing that Sis. Summa should have been sitting next to me and I didn't go the extra mile to get her there. 

I'm so grateful for my Savior and the Love he offers me and the people that I love so much. I know that this church is true. With all my heart. I love you all! Have a great week!! 

Love Sis. Mecham 

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