Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Letter from Kennewick: Monday, December 09, 2013

Hi there my dear family!!
This week has been a crazy week full of fun and really wonderful amazing experiences!! First, can I just say that I really do love Christmas time?! It's amazing!! Nothing like sharing the message of our Savior Jesus Christ to bring people together and provide a message and a way of life that heals the heart. It is so fantastic!
This week we get to see Sister Leslie! She is doing great! We didn't get to meet with the whole Leslie family because Brother Leslie was so tired and beat after work this week. We are going to try to see them tonight. But with Sister Leslie, we got a text last Monday while we were emailing and she asked us when we would be coming back over. Here is to show how little faith I had, I thought "perfect. She is going to have us come over and then tell us that they are done taking the lessons and that this just isn't for them and they feel too pressured to pray and read and life is just crazy right now for them..." and so on. But thank goodness that is not what happened! haha She told us that she had some hard things that she wanted to talk about with us. We went over on Wednesday and before we went in we prayed and the thought came to us that we needed to take in a Family: A Proclamation to the World. So we did! She confided in us about different struggles that she is has had in her life. She told us that she just wanted to be a good mom. She just wants to give her children the best life that they can have. Right then we pulled out the proclamation and got to bare testimony of her role as a mom and her role as a wife. We got to tell her that as she lived true to what it says in the proclamation then she will receive divine help and she will feel that she is doing her part. It was amazing!! Just how subtle the spirit works and how amazing it is when you listen.
Another great thing that happened was with our investigator Jenn. She is so wonderful!! We have been trying to see how we can help her in feeling the spirit more in her home. She is having a really hard time right now. Her fiance is not feeling well, she can't get baptized yet because they aren't married yet and she just trying to do things that don't create big waves for their relationship. She is amazing! Really trying to do all she can to become better each day and also waiting for the right moment to be able to take the next step. We talked to Sister Madison her fellowshipper about helping her come to church. Sister Madison thought about it and said she felt really uneasy about that being our focus for the lesson. Jenn's fiance hasn't warmed up to that yet. She told us that she just kept getting this really strong feeling of helping her to do FHE in her home. So we told Sister Madison that she could prepare ways for Jenn to do FHE in her home and that we would love her at the lesson. Well Sister Madison was really listening to the spirit. I don't think it could have gone better! Jenn was so excited and we talked about ways that she could do this with having her fiance involved in it too but having it be low key and a time where he can feel the spirit and see the change in her and in their family. I'm so grateful for fellowshippers and the chance that we have to work so closely together! It's amazing!!
We did pick up a new investigator this week that the Elders are handing over to us. Her name is Sarah and she is so prepared! She is married to a less-active member and apparently she drags him to church. Haha Sister Bledsoe and Sister Davenport helped them move in this week while I was in a meeting. I'm so excited to meet them this week!!
Something that I learned this week is the principle of Happy and Hard. When Elder and Sister Richards came to talk to us a couple of weeks ago they talked about this and it really didn't hit me till just this morning. For my personal study I looked up happiness in the index. I read through some and ended up reading about Ammon and the Anti-Nehpi-Lehi's and how they are trying to leave because the people are being destroyed. Ammon talks to the King about leaving and the King tells him to go to the Lord. Ammon goes to the Lord and the Lord tell him to get those people out of there. Ammon is devastated for his people and just wants the best for them and for them to be safe. He meets up with Alma, Aaron, Omner, and Himni. It says that Ammon was so filled with joy that he fell to the ground. Then is says" Now was this not exceeding joy? Behold, this is joy which none receiveth save it be the truly penitent and humble SEEKER of happiness." I thought that was just amazing!! Here is Ammon with this really big responsibility on his shoulders and trying to free these people and his heart is still penitent and humble. He still is happy even when all of this is going on. It was such a huge lesson for me to start learning today. This really spoke to me and I just know with all my heart that as we are truly seekers of humility and happiness and joy the Lord will bless us in the darkest time. He always does.
I just want to share my testimony that I do know that our Savior lives. I know that the Atonement is real. I know it with all my heart and soul. I know that he is the "Prince of peace" that through him we don't have to wait for happiness and peace. That can happen right here and now as we accept Him and believe him. Merry Christmas!! Have a wonderful week!! I love you all!!
Love Sister Mecham :)

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