Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Letter from Kennewick: April 02, 2014

Hello my dear family!!! My goodness this week has been great! Sorry I didn't email on Monday. Our P-day was switched to today so that we could attend the Temple this morning! Can't complain at all! It was great!
Hna. Robison and I are truly having too much fun!! We are just two little peas in a pod and we get along super great!! I just lover her dearly! She is from Lehi so it will be easy to get together after the mission.
This week we have had some super experiences and lessons. Things here in the area are going well. We love these members and we are so excited to see the progression that will be made as we work with them more. I feel like I was so distracted by how I was going to do the work here in the area that I forgot about the tools that the Lord has given me to help our investigators and find people to teach. My love for members and their willingness to work with us has grown so much this week and I just could not be more grateful. When we missionaries say we can't do the work without the members, we REALLY mean it. We can't. The members make all the difference.
We had some great lessons this week with Cheryl and Bre and Sterling and Ron & Rachel! They are all going really great. We have somethings to work on with Cheryl and Bre with helping them to commit to come to church on a regular basis. They say yes and then they back out last minute. We have lessons with them in next couple of days so it will be great to get down the root of things. We are also working on getting our members to invite our investigators over for conference this weekend.
Rachel  came on Saturday night to the Women's Conference and it was AMAZING!! The feeling of sitting there with an investigator just brought tears to my eyes. I love these people and their desire to learn and grow and work through the struggles and questions that they have just to find truth. Each of them are so remarkable to me! At the end of the conference, all of us (Sister Schlotfeldt, Rachel, Hna. Robison and me) all gathered in this little circle and we talked about the importance and the value of each on of our Father in Heavens children and how we matter as daughter of God. The spirit was so strong and we all teared up. I love bearing testimony to of that each day!! It is something that has affected my life so much and I love sharing it with other people.
We got to attend the Temple today and it was wonderful! I was reminded of a principle that we learn in the scriptures in Genesis where it gives an account of the creation; the principle of return and report. As I thought about my temple experience I understood just a little bit more the importance of it and how it helps us to be accountable. It also gave me more clarity on the fact of where we need to be seeking approval. We don't seek it from outside sources, we seek it from our Father in Heaven. It can give us the ultimate approval. I learned so much from the Temple today. It was amazing!!! I also learned more about the importance of a Savior. I just really can't express my love and the feelings I had as I listen to what was being said in the Temple today! Our savior is our only way. I don't know a lot of things but what I do is that we do have a Savior and that he is our Redeemer and advocate with the Father. It is a simple truth that our Father in Heaven pleads with us to understand.
Well my dear family, I love you all so very much!! Have such a great week.
Love Sister Mecham
1 Nephi 21: 14-16

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