Monday, April 7, 2014

A Letter from Kennewick: Monday, April 07, 2014

Subject: "The pleasant part of discipleship is sharing!" Elder Holland

Hello my dear family!
Didn't you just LOVE conference?!? That quote by Elder Holland was one of my favorites. We have to share the Gospel! That is the fun part! I was in heaven!! It was so great! As I got ready for conference this weekend I was trying to think about what my question would be going into conference and what I want to learn more about. As Hna. Robison and I talked about it on Saturday night, we each had different things that we were looking for and had questions about. But the most beautiful thing about it all is that we each received answered and not just once but many times. And even occasionally from the same talk! The Lord is in the details of our lives and sees the very need and desire of our hearts and because he loves us, he will answer them as we humbly seek his improvement and his guidance.
This week has been a great week!! With spring break here in Kennewick it has kinda cramped our style but that is okay! We have this week to get back in with lots of our investigators and some really great commitments that we are leaving with them. It makes a world of difference with wonderful fellowshipppers that work with you investigators when you are not there. I am so grateful for that this week! When we walk out the door the fellowshipppers still work to keep the fire going.
We had a short little visit with Cheryl this week and she said that she has been feeling really grumpy lately and just on edge and she realized that it was because she has cancelled our appointments the last little while. We talked about how she needs to keep reading her scriptures and saying her prayers that it will help her when we are not with her. We sang a hymn with her at the end of the lesson and it just added such a peaceful feeling. She needs that peace so bad!!
Our lessons with Bre are we cancelled this week because of scheduling conflicts but she did come to the De Santi's and watch General Conference with us on Sunday Afternoon. We really wanted her to hear the Prophet speak. She loved and said that it was really interesting. When President Packer talked about how he gained his own witness that the Gospel was true, I looked over at her and she just seemed to be thinking really deep. I loved how he talked about the role of the Holy Ghost in that and how it is something that no one could ever take away from him. I was really hope that Bre would catch onto that and make it personal to her. We are trying to leave her with commitments that will bring that to her more frequently and help her in creating that belief.
Ron and Rachel also watched conference with us. We went to their fellowshippers house, the Schlotfeldts, for the Sunday morning session. It was just so great! They were both so attentive! As they listened and watched, you could just see it on their faces that the spirit was working with them. Especially with Rachel. She is really truly searching. We have an appointment to go and take them around the temple on Friday morning with Bishop Frasso and his wife. We are so excited!! 
My testimony this week has been strengthened so much. With being able to attend the temple and our leadership conference all being centered on the Atonement and conference to top it off. At the end of the night last night I just felt so exhausted! So many spiritual experiences and so much to learn from them. My testimony of the Savior and his atonement has been on my mind since the begin of last week and I don't think it is a coincidence of the things that I have learned this week to prepare me for conference and how each of them built on one another.
Well my dear family, I love you so very much! Keep pressing forward. I know my Savior lives and that he loves us. Love you all!!
D&C 33: 7-10

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