Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Letter from Vancouver: Monday, January 15, 2013

Subject: Step by step

This week has been a great and challenging week. The Lord helps you learn knew things each day and will benefit us in the end... sometimes we don't see that but I know that it's true. This week we had some really awesome lessons! We had a great lesson on Tuesday with Shada! She prayed for the FIRST time out loud while we were there. I know that the Lords hand was in that for sure! Wednesday we had interviews and training from Pres. and Sister Greer. That was sooo good!!! They are working hard to help us understand and know the 42 principles found in Preach My Gospel. They picked a principle and gave us an outline and we went through it step by step and picked out the key main points. It was so good for me!! I learned so much!! I know that Pres. and Sister Greer are so inspired and how they can helps us in working hard to further the kingdom of God.
Thursday we were on exchanges all day. Sis. Ireland ( who I was with in the MTC) came and got to work in my area all day Thursday. We started working and since it was my area I was in charge... Oh boy. I was scared that I was going to mess something up and that I wasn't going to get done that things the Lord needed me to get done that day. Sister Ireland and I headed out and lots of the appointments fell through. I was getting a little discouraged and thinging that I must have not applied myself the way I needed to in my studies that morning or I was listening to the spirit last night when I was planning and so on and so on.. So I'm feeling like a slacker sister missionary and that I let Sis. Ireland down. We started tracting and door after door didn't answer... till.. drum roll please! Someone answered the door! Cute darling little boy answered the door. I asked if his Mom was there and he ran to go get her. She came to the door and kind of looked at us like she knew us. I said who we were and what we were doing and asked her if she had heard of the church before. She went on to tell us that Sisters had some by 2 years ago and never came back and she wanted to learn more. Uhhh.. say what?!?! Alright!! Ya got time now?! She didn't but we got a return appointment for this Friday at 11. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He loves us and is always waiting to see if we will listen and submit to his will. I'm grateful for those tender mercies of that Lord. That moment I knew that He was watching out for me. Telling me how much He loved me.
This week was just full of good things but just not enough time to tell it all. Transfers are next Wednesday. We will see what happens! I should know by Monday when I write you next. Love you all!! Thank you for the support that you have gvien to me and continue to give to me. Love you!!!
Sister Mecham

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