Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Letter from Vancouver: Monday, December 31, 2012

Subject: Happy New Year!!

Holy Cow! I can't believe that Christmas was a week ago and we are getting ready to ring in the new year. So crazy! I've never really thought about the new year and the opportunities that it really brings to our lives. In church yesterday the talks were centered around the new year and how that can help us in our lives. One of the members that spoke said something interesting that I hadn't really thought about until he mentioned it. He talked about how even the Lord at this time of year is pleased when we try to meet and set goals. Our goals for the year can be inspired and help us grow in ways that we didn't really think were possible. I thought about the different goals that we set as missionaries each week and how that helps us in carrying out the Lord work and will. I loved it! I never really thought about that before! Kind of a no duh but it hit me as we sat in Sacrament meeting how that can be a blessing to us.
It was soo good to talk to you all on Christmas! This might be creepy but it was so very good to hear all of your voices! Everyone was looking great!! Our week was a good week! We tracted a lot and made contact with people that we hadn't been able to reach yet. The Lord really is preparing people. That is a testimony to me each time we meet someone new or continue to meet with different people. There is a difference in their eyes. You can just see it. I appreciate so much when people are honest with us about that gospel. Whether they are interested or not. We had a baptism on Saturday night! Sondra ( Mamma S) was baptized!! It didn't count for your numbers considering the fact that she is not in our area but requested Sisters but nonetheless! She was baptized and it was beautiful! Sister Brox and I got to stand at the top of the font and watch her go down into the water and watch her come our and walk up to us. I nearly cried. Seeing her face right after she came out of the water was priceless. It was one of the sweetest moments so far on my mission. She was so ready and excited. Oh gosh I love this work!! We are still working with Michael. He is so stinkin great!! It's a good thing that I have Sister Brox there with me because I would not be able to answer all the questions that he asks. I just testify that through prayer we can know God and through the Atonement and the Doctrine of Christ we can know our Savoir Jesus Christ. We had a powerful lesson with him last night. Things are looking good over here in the wonderful Vancouver Washington. The church is true. God lives and loves us. I love you all!! 
Sister Mecham  

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