Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Letter from Kennewick: Monday, November 18, 2013

Subject: And...the wind is here.

The wind is crazy here!! It blows all the time. haha I thought I loved the wind.. I'm starting to re-evaluate my feelings toward it. Despite the wind, I am still loving Kennewick! People here are just great! We are working hard with the members in the ward and enjoying their enthusiasm for the work! People are really catching the wave and it is inspiring. 

We have been given a lot of opportunities to work with the members. On Friday we have a FANTASTIC church tour with the Cortina's. Brother and Sister Cortina are a young married couple in the ward. They came to do a church tour on Friday night with Sister Davenport and me. We had Sister Cortina pretend to be the investigator and Brother Cortina was the member that brought her down to the church. They did awesome! It was so cool to see how they reacted to the challenge. Sister Cortina asked a lot of really cool questions! Brother Cortina was able to bear strong testimony on the sacrament and baptism. It was a blast! 

We met with a semi-active family this week and shared with them the Doctrine of Christ. It was a really neat experience. They have a son with Down Syndrome and Autism, James is his name. He is so sweet! He sat and listened to the whole lesson and did really well. I'm really excited to work with this family and be apart of their growing experience that they are going to have. James is a very big blessing in their family. 

We have this women that we are helping to learn English. Her name is Inhyang. She is from South Korea. We have a program here called Daily Dose and they help people in learning English and communicating. They are called as missionaries. It is a really cool experience for non-members to be apart of! They get to learn and better their language skills. It also offers them an opportunity to learn more about the gospel and eventually take the lessons from the us Full-time missionaries. We have an appointment on Wednesday with her and two of the Daily Does missionaries to help her. We'll hand her off to them and then when she is ready to receive the Gospel we will teach her :)

We are working on finding new investigators! Something that Sis. Davenport and I are working on is a challenge/promise that Elder Ballard gave to us when he came, if we talked to 10 people each day then our baptisms would double. We need to put our faith in that because that is where is all starts! Opening you mouth. The Lord promises us that they will be filled as we do that. Believing him is a step a faith that we are taking more seriously now then ever before. It is going to be s blast! 

We have Elder Kent Richards coming to us tomorrow to talk to us. We're really excited!! We have some really awesome meetings with him this week that I just can't wait for! 

Well my dear family, there is so much more but not enough time to tell you all about it. I know this church is true and I know that our Savior lives. It is through his Atonement that all things are made possible. I love you all!! 

Love Sister Mecham 

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