Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Letter from Naches: Monday, October 21, 2013

Subject: "Faith in the Lord is always faith in his timing."-Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Hey there family!! The little quote above is a quote that Sister Ware shared with us at zone conference this week. I loved it so much! It is so true! When we have faith in the Lord that means that we trust is Him and we have faith in His will that it is what is best and we wait patiently for his promised blessings.
This week was great! We had some rough spots but it was really good. When you have challenges it makes you appreciate the really good times. I told you last week that we had just gone to the Temple. It was amazing! Loved every minute of it!! We then had the opportunity to have Zone Conference last Thursday and hear from President and Sister Ware. The training that they gave us was amazing and so inspired! I had fast last Sunday to know how to best help the ward here and to be able to influence them in their missionary work. Pres. and Sis. Ware talked all about member work and how to help your members in their missionary work and how to teach them and open the way for them to be successful. It was so powerful!! I know that that training was so inspired!! I left there feeling so spiritually uplifted. It was fantastic! We are starting a new key indicator, member lessons. We are going to be reporting each Sunday how many lessons that we are able to share with members and teach them. It is fantastic! He gave us a lot of different tools to use to help the members and support them. I'm so excited to see how this helps and changes missionary work! Pres. Ware also talked to us about a 40 day fast. He told us about an experience that he has had since he has been here in the WKM. He said that he was being distracted by things. Things that necessarily weren't bad but just wasn't bringing him an added measure of the spirit. He read this little talk about fasting from our distractions and gave it to each of us. He said that he wanted each of us to participate in this. We start this process with a fast and while we are fasting we and and ask Heavenly Father to help us in knowing what we need to fast from so that we can have the spirit with us more fully. As we fast and pray and with the Lord come up with the things that we need to eliminate from our lives, we promise him that we will work with him to remove these things so that we can be the missionaries that he needs. It was amazing when Sis. Pratt and I started this! We started Thursday night and I knew that night that it is something that is going to change me. Satan starts to work really hard on you when you start to shove him out the door. It has been hard but I have already seen the blessings from acting. 
We were given the opportunity to teach Elders quorum yesterday. haha It was a different experience that is for sure. It was really fun though! We got to talk about missionary work and teach out of the Lorenzo Snow book. Sis. Pratt and I thought a lot about how we felt the lesson should go. Being able to teach the fathers and priesthood holders about the blessings of missionary work and helping them fulfill their priesthood duties. It was so great!! The spirit was really strong!!  
We didn't get to teach Amanda this week. She had some family stuff come up on Friday and wasn't able to meet with us. We got to see Stacey this week but not Yesenia. Stacey asked us some more questions on our beliefs and we had a really great discussion. She invited us for dinner tonight! We are really excited!!
Things are starting to pick up around here. As we continue to teach the members and help them and they help us the Lord is going to bless us and miracles will start to happen.
Lisa is doing great!! She has been so great at studying her scriptures and everything. Brother Moores mom passed away this week and Lisa said that reading her scriptures gave her so much peace and comfort during it all. She is so solid!! I do love her so much!
Well my dear family, I love you all!! I know that this church is true and know that our Savior stands at the head of it. I so grateful for the power of the Holy Ghost and the direction that it brings into our lives. Again, I love you all!! Have a great week!!
Love, Sister Mecham :)

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